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Quantum computers are here.
Many secure prequantum asymmetric cryptographic schemes like RSA, DSA, Schnorr, ECDSA, and EC‐Schnorr will no longer be secure at some point in the post-quantum future.
AES256 is still considered quantum resistant (symmetric cryptographic scheme). ***
A one time pad is considered Quantum secure. *** As a free customer service going forward the ---> PGP/GPG <--- signature/communicaton
for files and email will be in an OTP wrapper. ***
for Post Quantum Software go Here ***
Use the otp Software. ***
A sufficient supply of keys have to be prepaired and distributed well in advance of a potential communication which will happen as normal.
I will provide the keys on a micro-sd via registered mail through the usps. ***
The Keys(A run of 1000 keys @ 1.3 megabytes ) are generated by a true random numer generator and checked by running a modified git hub program for randomality.(NIST sp800-22) ***
OTP keys that do not pass the tests are automatically deleted and a log file is in the directory showing program results ***
Delete any otp-keys in the keys in the "used" directory. ***
Place the otp-keys from the micro-sd in the keys directory.
Make sure your message file is equal to or smaller than the key size.
Run the python program (python to get enhanced encryption for ---> PGP/GPG <---
I can provide runs of additional otp keys for use -- Go through the contact me page of the website to inquire further. ***

Sample Output (NIST sp800-22)

SUMMARY: 14.txt
monobit_test-----------------------------0.8049207942336758 PASS
frequency_within_block_test--------------0.08842989583999673 PASS
runs_test--------------------------------0.4031753114806953 PASS
longest_run_ones_in_a_block_test---------0.9756812260907748 PASS
binary_matrix_rank_test------------------0.39673533981552367 PASS
dft_test---------------------------------0.8881856345273739 PASS
non_overlapping_template_matching_test---1.0270421908461789 PASS
overlapping_template_matching_test-------0.7951470219079766 PASS
maurers_universal_test-------------------0.21375748733827155 PASS
linear_complexity_test-------------------0.02165785554953598 PASS
serial_test------------------------------0.2665222768887388 PASS
approximate_entropy_test-----------------0.5043452988752207 PASS
cumulative_sums_test---------------------0.6872949523430554 PASS
random_excursion_test--------------------0.010713102070093218 PASS
random_excursion_variant_test------------0.2510296984773745 PASS

SUMMARY: 15.txt
monobit_test-----------------------------0.025050256389250222 PASS
frequency_within_block_test--------------0.8609921310474846 PASS
runs_test--------------------------------0.003690809471065515 FAIL
File Deleted
longest_run_ones_in_a_block_test---------0.5131057764265742 PASS
binary_matrix_rank_test------------------0.1082254956990456 PASS
dft_test---------------------------------0.7000558409794682 PASS
non_overlapping_template_matching_test---1.000016467715891 PASS
overlapping_template_matching_test-------0.9611771477797915 PASS
maurers_universal_test-------------------0.9695862855075364 PASS
linear_complexity_test-------------------0.011274680567037653 PASS
serial_test------------------------------0.04012681042252746 PASS
approximate_entropy_test-----------------0.04004451527094926 PASS
cumulative_sums_test---------------------0.024273610242087518 PASS
random_excursion_test--------------------0.2799679685850448 PASS
random_excursion_variant_test------------0.0919117668952753 PASS

Press notice 1/7/20 -- Gpg4win and GnuPG are now approved for EU RESTRICTED communication (VS-NfD). This approvals covers the protocols S/MIME and OpenPGP (public-key and symmetric-only) with hard- and soft-tokens.

for Post Quantum Software super_encryption sand box go to Here
Create message using notepad in GPG and then create otp message using this page.
The otp key must always be securely delivered, random, and not reused.

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